Client Testimonials  

Zoran Kuburovic
2543 Cruger Avenue
Bronx, New York

I am an owner and developer of many multifamily properties in the Bronx.

I have worked with North Coast Funding, Inc. for over ten years and find that they have provided the best service and loan programs for my individual needs.

I had recently purchased a vacant building and they provided the Bridge Financing for the acquisition allowing me to renovate and rent up the building.

They structured a permanent loan at a low fixed rate which allowed me to recover the bulk of my investment.

I have recommended them to other developers and investors and would never consider going anywhere else.

They have always provided personalized service and are there when I need them.


Zoran Kuburovic

Dear Jeff,

We were in the last stages of turning around the company and needed funds to fuel the expansion of our business. In these difficult economic times, North Coast Funding worked day and night to make this possible. You kept us informed, were very responsive whenever we needed assistance, and represented us well. We have dealt with several other companies in the past. North Coast Funding was by far the best and most professional.

Thanks for all your help.

Best Regards,

Kirk Imamura
President, Avatar Studios, Inc.


Dear Mr. Rueb:

I would be remiss if I did not comment on your efforts to obtain a loan for my above referenced client.

Not only were you successful in obtaining financing for my client whose financial situation was tenuous at best, but the effort was nothing short of herculean. I was very impressed with your analysis of approach. You approached each adversity, and there were many, with professionalism and great eptitude. I appreciated your candor and tireless effort throughout this process and hope that there will be future business dealings down the road. Your courtesies, effort and needless to say, the obtaining of such a successful result was greatly appreciated and respected.

Very truly yours,

Charles B. Linn, Esq.


In the early part of this year, North Coast Funding and I worked together on a loan that involved an environmentally impacted property. This loan was difficult, to say the least. In all of my dealings with NCF, I found them to be courteous, helpful, and professional. They worked hard to get this loan closed and kept me informed every step of the way. It's nice to work with people who really know what they're doing. I look forward to doing more business with North Coast Funding in the future.

Steven Howard
Renegade Funding


Dear Jeff:

This is to express my appreciation for your prompt and careful attention, in assisting in the closing of a mortgage loan, under trying and very difficult circumstances. This loan repeatedly presented us with a series of unexpected difficulties, any of which could have easily caused the deal to be lost. Instead of walking away, you repeatedly worked to find practical, efficient solutions to get the job done. For this, you have my respect and admiration. You are a man of your word, and you have provided outstanding service in accomplishing within weeks, what would otherwise have taken months.


Phillip D. Miller, Esq.



North Coast Funding gets all of my commercial loans

Friendly, courteous, and, prompt

Quickly manage to close loans no matter what the degree of difficulty

The most professional organization in the mortgage industry!

Peter Lupo
New York Realty and Capital Corp.


I am a Korean immigrant.
I came to America in 1982.

At first I worked very hard in the auto industry. Even though I had a masters degree in psychology from Korea, I could not get a job in my field because of language problems. I soon became a specialist in auto cooling systems. My business was doing well during the summer because of the nature of the business. However, in the winter business was really bad. I had to borrow money from my relatives and friends and use credit cards to pay rent and other business expenses. I couldn't borrow money from banks or financial institutions because of my poor credit.

In 1993 I bought a building in Manhattan for my business, but it needed a lot of work. I had to borrow even more money to renovate it. I thought I could pay back all of the debt that I owed during the summer, when business would do well, but competitors caused it to slow down.

In 1997 I decided to get a large amount of mortgage as a pledge for the building. This way, I could pay off all the debt which I owed to various sources. During that time, I was still attempting to obtain a loan from various banks and brokers. Although I contacted more than fifteen banks and financial centers, I could not get a loan. One day, a friend of mine introduced me to North Coast Funding. In the beginning I did not trust the company because I thought all financial companies were the same. But I was wrong. Within 8 weeks, NCF gave me a written commitment from the bank even though I had poor credit and my business was in troubled times. I later realized that it was a blessing to know North Coast Funding.

North Coast Funding worked very quickly, positively, and sincerely. The owner of the company, Jeff Rueb, always helped, encouraged, and comforted me. In about three months, NCF closed a $700,000.00 loan and I was able to pay off all debt. I really appreciate the company's efforts in getting the loan and assisting me throughout the entire process

Danny Suk


Commercial loans have always been a nightmare for our firm, but NCF's expertise has been invaluable helping us close problem deals. Our interests have been diligently protected. This, even with clients who have looked to circumvent us.

Jeff Rueb's service has been reliable and honest. Thank you North Coast Funding!

Andrew Chamon
CEO - All Service Mortgage


North Coast Funding makes commercial financing as easy as 1,2,3.
With service second to none!

C. Van Buren
Prestige Corp


I am a Physician in a solo medical practice with offices in Queens and Brooklyn. the demands on my time are tremendous and I must devote myself to my patients first and the financial aspects of my business second. This is why I sought help from mortgage brokers when the balloon payment on my commercial property came due.

My loan profile may not have fit the requirements of traditional lenders and no one seemed to be able to get me the financing I needed. I spent money on fees and I wasted time with these brokers.

I tried North Coast Funding. They got me a great mortgage for my medical building and they also helped with advice that made my personal finances run more smoothly.

When I need commerical financing again, I'm going to put it in their hands. They're honest and they get things done.

Max Jean-Gilles, M.D.


I used North Coast Funding for a recent $1.2 million motel refinance. Jeff Rueb in particular helped me obtain financing for this hard to place property. My client saved thousands in interest payments and most importantly, I was paid as promised and on time. I have since called on Jeff numerous times to help fund my commerical loans.

Rod McNeill
Senior Account Executive
Associated Mortgage Consulting


I have just returned to Florida after we successfully closed the financing on my New York City apartment building. The plane trip home allowed me time to reflect on what we went through in order to obtain mortgage financing.

In this uncertain economic climate, with interest rates rising and investors speculating on further rate increases, I could not be more pleased with your ability to obtain such a highly competitive interest rate for us. As you are aware, we had a commitment from a prior lender which was tied to the 10-year U.S. Treasury Security. As Treasury rates started to rise, the interest rate became prohibitive for us to close our deal on the original terms. Your ability to immediately go out in the market and obtain us a new commitment from a lender which was not tied to U.S. Treasury Security rates saved the deal for us. The fact that you were able to obtain this new financing within a matter of weeks is further testament to your knowledge and contracts within the industry.

Once again, thanks for your hard work and perseverance. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone seeking to obtain mortgage financing.

Steven Rudin, Esq.


As a physician dedicated to servicing a minority community in Brooklyn, I ran into obstacles when I tried to finance my clinic through the usual banking channels.

I went to North Coast Funding when I came up empty with the local banks and NCF was able to provide me with a choice of options for financing my medical building. Trying to find the financing on my own was like having another full time job. NCF got the job done for me and left me free to do what I do best - serve my community and take care of my patients.

David Hosten, M.D.


I own a successful auto repair business in a terrific location on the North Shore. Last year I was presented with the opportunity to buy the building across the street from where I had been renting, as a new location for my shop. The price was fair, it was the right move for my business and the timing was good. Despite my best efforts, I got no interest from the local banks I approached with my deal.

North Coast Funding was recommended to me by a business associate. We discussed my position and the need for speed, since by this time the sale had been dragging on for months. Ten days after I got the requested documents in to North Coast Funding, I had a commitment in my hands. The terms were good-just what we had agreed on- and the closing went smoothly.

I am very happy with the way things went. I would recommend these people to anyone.

Timothy Ott
Norman Collision Works


Expanding business related opportunities, whether integrally related or not, has been a challenging effort. Often faced with limited working capital and periodic cash flow shortages, securing financing at reasonable terms had been an awesome undertaking until I met Jeff Rueb.

Jeff Rueb and North Coast Funding have been extremely tenacious in securing the necessary and desired financing that I needed to better manage my core business' cash flow. Although preliminary negotiations were hampered by business-related obstacles, Jeff aggressively pursued our interest and, not only negotiated a favorable loan from a commercial lending institution, but a Line of Credit with an Asset Based Loan from a regional commercial bank as well. During this extended business relationship, I found Jeff to be very caring, conscientious, honest and committed to serving my company's needs.

Thank you Jeff for your tenacity and perserverance...I look forward to working with you again.

Shafquat Chaudhary
President-Elite Limousine Plus, Inc.