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Multi-family - Mixed Use - Office - Retail

Our "Multi-family - Mixed Use - Office - Retail" loan programs work off of the cash flow of the property. The annual income less your fixed and operating expenses will determine your net income. That number will be used as a basis in determining your loan amount. Rates are very competitive but in order to qualify you will need to verify the income and expense on the property. Your personal income is not necessarily a factor in determining if you qualify for this type of loan and the focus is on the property.

Five year fixed rates when amortized over 30 years will give you the lowest monthly payment and therefore give you the maximum loan amount. Statistically most people refinance within the first five years so this shorter term should not be a factor in choosing a loan program.

Prepayment penalties usually start at 5% in the first year of the loan and decline at 1% a year for the first 5 years. Other programs will have variations of this structure and you should inquire as to the specifics of the programs quoted. If this is a significant issue you should consider our No Prepayment Penalty product.

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